My Dream Superpower

One of people’s favorite icebreaker questions is: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?” Typical responses are flight, invisibility, strength, and there are always creative ones too. I decided upon my response a few years ago and have kept it although perhaps it will change again someday. For now, my dream superpower would be to be indestructible as in I cannot be hurt or damaged physically. I am somewhat cautious and safety-oriented in most aspects of my life because danger abounds unfortunately. While most people are safe most of the time, you never know what might happen for the one moment during which you let your guard down. This is why I want this power.

Imagine leaving your house every morning completely confident that you will come home safe that night. Imagine wavering on whether or not you want to participate in activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, and other daredevil stunts but then realizing that you can’t possibly get hurt either way. I think there is something very liberating in all of this. Without extra worry, you can free up some brain space for more worthy thoughts and also be willing to take more chances. Is there something interesting happening in a “rough” neighborhood? No worries since you can’t get hurt. Of course you may need to be careful with your car or any of your possessions since your power will unfortunately not carry over to them.

Another benefit of this power is that people could stop worrying so much about me. Sure, my mental/emotional security and future in life are still up for grabs I suppose, but they can be sure that they won’t get a house call from the cops late one night with bad news or a notification that my Grindr date was actually an ax-wielding murderer (which is a joke I often make). Sometimes I feel a bit suffocated by the concern of others.

While I may only be 22, I am an adult. My brain is reaching its final stage of development, my body is in the best shape it’s ever been in (I work out 5 days/week), I tend to look before I leap, and I was not raised to be an idiot. I know how to handle my emotions, and I have endured some incredible levels of pain. I am thankful that people think about me and want me to live a healthy, happy, safe life, yet I do not need anyone “back-seat driving” when it comes to my decisions. I am content being my own man and dealing with whatever consequences accompany my actions. Isn’t that what adulthood and accountability are all about? I realize that I may not always make the best possible choices, but so long as I am willing to cope with the results (and others aren’t affected), I should be allowed to make those choices. Too bad superpowers aren’t real…


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